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We will review all parts of your wardrobe, including your closet, drawers and storage. We will discuss your personal style and lifestyle in order to create the perfect plan. We will photograph the space we will be using. And will create a list of organizational accessories to maximize the space in your closet. Along with a list of categories of clothing that you are missing. We will review the list together removing and/or adding items. We will handle everything for the closet edit and/or style appointment, from placing the orders, tracking and following up with delivery prior to our first meeting.

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Closet Edit

Everything that belongs in your closet should have a home. A wardrobe overhaul and reset should happen a couple times a year!! Everything should fit you and your lifestyle. With a closet edit, I will come to you and we will go through piece by piece – editing what you should keep, how to organize it, and figure out how we can donate or sell the rest!

Style Appointment

If you feel your closet is pretty set and you just need help with styling or shopping, then this is for you! We will find holes in your closet that need to be filled based on your personal style! A style appointment will be done together either in person or virtually, after I have hand selected items to be delivered to your home!

Closet Edit

& Style Appointment

They go hand in hand! Closets a mess, and you have no idea what to wear or where anything is then this is right for you!


TidyThreads’ Closet

We are a one stop shop for cleaning out your closet! We will hold pop-up shops selling your goods on consignment straight from your closet! After a closet clean out we will decide which clothes you’d like to donate and which we can sell for you! A commission structure will be provided as to how you will make money! And if you don’t want to do a closet edit or style appointment, but want to just sell your clothing - no problem!