Ali Shimberg

Meet Ali Shimberg; full time hustler, mover and shaker. Passionate about making every one look and feel better one day at a time. Ali has worked in fashion retail for the past 17 years on all sides of the spectrum from managing, selling, buying for women’s and girls’, fitting custom clothing for men, merchandising - including lots and lots of folding and organizing, and the list goes on.

Growing up with a mother in fashion and father in marketing, it was fairly easy to convince them that she needed to keep up with all the latest trends! It was just figuring out how to maintain all the new that she had to quickly figure out so she could make it look like there was always room for more! Keeping a tidy closet became a very welcomed challenge and acceptable OCD.

Ali has developed a strong understanding of what it takes to look and feel your best, and she wants to bring all of that right to you! No matter if you are a fashion veteran, established closet curator, or just the opposite of both (which makes it more fun for her!) Your wardrobe can always use a reset! And that’s why TidyThreads came about!